EALink is a one-stop-shop where European SMEs and business organisations can find key information and relevant links to develop business in Asia. EALink is thus a handy platform providing European business support organisations in Asia with extra visibility among their target audiences in the EU.

Importantly, this platform will not replace any existing initiatives and their services. Stakeholders of the platform in Asia each have their own mission and one of platform’s main objectives is thus to function as an extra communication channel, providing target audiences in Europe with access to their services. This will help European SMEs to identify and to connect to relevant opportunities in Asia more easily.

The platform’s purpose is basically to provide additional visibility and some clarity to several ongoing efforts of the European Union to support the internationalisation of European SMEs. This website enables European SMEs to knock on the right doors. No more, no less.

In addition, the project team facilitates extra outreach opportunities for the stakeholders in Asia by:

  1. Sharing upcoming events on SME internationalisation and other outreach opportunities in the EU with the stakeholders of the platform in Asia.
  2. Supporting a joint presence of more than one of these Initiatives at events in the EU in order to increase their footprint in Europe and exposure to EU SMEs as well as business organisations in a coordinated way.