Who does what

The EU Asia Business Link (EALink) is a project funded by the European Union, managed by DG DEVCO and implemented by a consortium composed of GOPA.com and EUROCHAMBRES, the Brussels-based Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry. 

The stakeholders of EALink in Asia consist out of European Chambers (Eurochams) on the one hand and of EU Business Support Initiatives on the other hand. The Eurochams are mostly membership based organisations. They provide amongst others advocacy services to their members which are European companies and/or bilateral Chambers of national EU Member States that are present in the target market. The EU Business Support Initiatives are EU projects which have reinforced existing Eurochams or created new European Centres and Networks. Their aim is to support the access of European SMEs to the markets in which they are established by providing tailored information and services.

The implementing team of the EALink project is composed of 4 experts: the Team Leader (based in Europe), the IT expert and the Asia-based platform coordinator:

  • Dirk Vantyghem, Team Leader
    The Team Leader drives and steers the project, making sure the collaboration and communication within the team is flawless. He is also in charge of the communication with the task team in the European Commission. He leads the project’s effort to organise annual meetings with all stakeholders and will facilitate dedicated outreach actions in Europe to raise awareness about the platform and its stakeholders.
  • Federico Sattanino, Project Officer
    The Project Officer liaises with businesses and business support organisations in Europe, to promote the platform and its stakeholders via joint outreach actions.
  • Philippe Felix, IT expert
    The IT expert being a web strategist, defines the concept of the platform and is in charge of the development of the platform itself. After launching the first version of the platform, he will be in charge of enhancing the marketing strategy and further improving the platforms visibility on-line.
  • Matthias Duehn, Platform coordinator
    The coordinator liaises with businesses and business intermediaries in Asia, where he is based. He helps to gather content from the stakeholders in Asia and facilitates their integration into the Platform. The expert is based in Vietnam, from where he is in direct contact with the stakeholders in all Asian countries.